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On the look-out

A message from Mark Murray, executive director of Californians Against Waste

GrrrrrCan you help us collect some intelligence this weekend? The plastics industry has deployed signature collectors to bus stops and shopping malls throughout the state in a cynical attempt to overturn California’s plastic bag ban. Early reports tell us that some are disseminating ill-informed, misleading, or downright false information about what the proposed referendum would actually do. We’re trying our best to keep tabs on their campaign mercenaries so we can keep them honest.

Here’s where you come in. Your job, should you choose to accept it, would be to gather intelligence when you encounter these paid-per-signature petitioners:

  • Take note of the name of the retail establishment (if any) where the gatherer is set up.
  • Please note the approximate location (city & street), as well as date & time.
  • What is their pitch? Is it truthful?
  • Don’t feel the need to engage/argue. Remember, they are just normal folks being paid to do a job.

This data will help us focus our time and resources where they will do the most good. We’re not afraid of a public vote – Californians will see through the Plastics Industry’s attempt to keep profiting from the billions of cheap plastic bags they dump into California every year. But if they get enough signatures, it would delay implementation of the ban for 18 months. That’s another 18 billion bags’ worth of pollution—and more than $200 million for the plastic bag makers.

You can help us put a stop to it right here, right now, by one of these routes:
Send an email to: Bagban@cawrecycles.org
Text your report to 916-550-3910
Fill out this on-line form.

Thanks for your help!

Mark Murray

PSOMThanks to initial reports coming in over the weekend, we are starting to get a better idea of the scope of Plastics Industry’s signature gathering campaign. But the picture is not complete. We need every useful bit of data that we can get. So don’t forget to report where and when you’ve seen plastic bag signature gatherers in your town. Here are three easy options you can use:

1) report your findings on-line here, 2) or e-mail: bagban@cawrecycles.org, or 3) text us at: 916-550-3910.


Bag ordinance hearing – Tue Feb 18


Iris Salin, dragging the equivalent of 6 months' plastic used by the average American.  Photo:  Sierra Salin

Iris Salin, dragging the equivalent of 6 months’ plastic used by the average American. Photo: Sierra Salin

Good news!  The City of San Rafael will hold its first hearing on a proposed single-use bag ordinance on Tuesday, February 18.

Here is the official agenda item:  “Consideration of Final Environmental Impact Report, EIR Addendum and Ordinance Regulating Retail Establishment Provisions of Single-Use Carry Out Bags (CM).”

Note the RECOMMENDED ACTION:  “Adopt Resolutions (2). Pass Ordinance to print.”  To see the staff report:  Single-Use Carry-Out Bags EIR

We first discussed this ordinance with Charles McGlashan and his aides eight years ago.  Fairfax passed, by popular vote (79% in favor), a plastic bag ban in 2009.  The County of Marin passed an ordinance in 2011.  Now at last the City of San Rafael is in line to pass a similar law.  We expect other municipalities to follow soon after.

Please come show your support!  Your warm presence speaks volumes to the Council, and adds one more stitch to the fabric of coherence which holds our community together.

The meeting begins at 7 pm, but the item is likely not to be heard before 7:15 pm, as a number of resolutions precede it on the agenda.  Bring your notepad, a good book, or simply your pure somatic awareness to drink in all that is happening while you wait.

Sita Khufu, Green Sangha activist, to speak at San Rafael City Council meeting

Sita Khufu, Green Sangha activist, to speak at San Rafael City Council meeting