Volunteer Opportunities

Green Sangha actions provided rich opportunities for personal enrichment, community-building, and service to the planet.  The work of stewardship and mindful advocacy is never done, and we encourage you to connect with local organizations that are making a difference in large and small ways. If you are in the Bay Area, check out Daily Acts (listed on our “Resources” page) for a wealth of on-the-ground, hands-in-the-earth projects to restore Sonoma County after the fires and to build a greener infrastructure.

More inspired organizations are listed below.

Green Gulch.  Watershed Stewardship work parties take place on the second Sunday of most months at Green Gulch Farm.  Activities can include:  removal of invasive weeds, trail improvement, planting of native shrubs, wood gathering, and sheet mulching.  After a couple of hours’ work, volunteers gather for tea and muffins.  At 5 pm, all are welcome to join community members for 45-minutes’ sitting in the Zendo.

You can make a full day’s retreat by attending the morning program, staying for lunch, then joining the work party.   Here’s the full schedule:

8:15 am  Meditation instruction (doors close promptly at 8:15)
9:15 am  Meditation (Zazen)
10:00 am  Dharma talk
11:15 am  Tea
11:45 am  Discussion with speaker
12:15 pm  Lunch (donation of $10-15; free for Watershed Stewardship volunteers)
1:00 pm  Work party orientation
1:15 pm  To the fields
3:30  pm  Tea and snack
5:10  Meditation in Zendo

Resilient Neighborhoods.  In Marin County, groups of neighbors and co-workers help each other reduce their carbon footprints.  Participants lower their energy bills, strengthen their connections, and prepare for emergencies.  In the last seven years, these small groups of 5-10 individuals have collectively reduced their carbon emissions by 6,188,818 pounds.  This is the equivalent of 848 homes completely off the grid.  Click here to learn more or to register for a team.