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Renewing energy from within

Restore your energy for the New Year on Sun Jan 6, 2-4 pm, at the Stress Management Center, 1165 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur.

With President Obama speaking again of climate change, and Congress discussing, however tentatively, a carbon tax, we have a golden opportunity to shift the direction of our country toward real sustainability. This opportunity means work at every level of society, from checking our home energy usage to developing renewable forms of energy to sequestering carbon in living systems of field and forest.

How do we renew our own energy as we imagine, plan, and implement these earth-saving actions?  Yoga techniques of self-massage, mindful movement, and conscious breathing can renew your life energy and revitalize your mind day after day.

Join us for a hands-on workshop, Renewing Energy from Within, to set the pace for a New Year full of resilience, optimism, and grace.  The Stress Management Center is on Magnolia Avenue near the College of Marin.  Cost: $20. No charge for Green Sangha members (annual membership $25 available at the door)

Advance registration is strongly recommended.  Call Elizabeth Little (510) 532-6574 or write info@greensangha.org. To join Green Sangha or to renew your membership, go to www.greensangha.org and click on the Donate tab.

“This is a gift to yourself.  Leaders feel such heavy burdens with so much to accomplish and with such little time and money to do vital work. Mindfulness for leaders helps us go to our strong and calm center and let go of the burden.  It nourishes the soul and frees the spirit.”

– Maureen Parton, County Supervisor’s aide



Inner Restoration for Eco-activists

Energy from within – yoga for environmentalists
Everyone needs energy to make it through the day.  Whether you are a community activist, a home-maker, a care-giver, or a civic servant, you know the importance of self-renewal when you want to do your best.

As our bodies age, though, energy tends to decline.  Exercise reverses this trend by activating every system that gets used in the physical activity that you perform.  Yoga exercises are especially helpful.  By releasing tension, stimulating all the major organs, and working consciously with the breath, yoga restores vitality and a deep sense of optimism.  Simple practices of relaxation and concentration complete the exercise equation, adding a new dimension to physical fitness: grounding in restful alertness.

Workshop: Sunday, June 17, 3-5 pm
Learn timeless techniques for contacting your reservoir of energy and inner peace at the Stress Management Center, 1165 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur.

Instructor: Stuart Moody, M.A., Registered Yoga Teacher and Transition Director for Green Sangha
$20 for the workshop (free for Green Sangha members).
To register, contact info@greensangha.org or call (510) 532-6574.

I came away with a greater appreciation of the power and importance of meditation and mindful thinking.  I felt more centered and now realize that rather than ‘taking up time,’ meditation actually gives us back time as we gain more focus, clarity, peace and energy to take with us in our busy lives.”  – Julie Dowling, co-founder of Sustainable San Ramon