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Meet the board – Bet Muth, MBA

Bet Muth, MA, MBA, certified yoga instructor and organizational consultant

Roots.  My family moved from Baltimore to the Bay Area when I was 14, and I’ve lived most of my life in the East Bay since then.  The Girl Scouts introduced me to camping and I still love hiking in the East Bay Regional Parks.  I’ve studied and taught many mind-body practices, including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, energy-based bodywork, and currently Kundalini Yoga.

What got me going in conservation.  As a student at the University of Creation Spirituality, I was surprised to hear Matthew Fox say:  “Make no mistake about it, the most urgent issue of our time is the environment.”  Studying the New Cosmology enabled me to see and feel that everything in the Universe is connected.  I became a facilitator of the Pachamama Alliance’s Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream symposium.  A journey to the rainforest in Ecuador solidified my commitment to action on behalf of our planet.

Weed with smilesHow I met Green Sangha.  Attending the Environmental Forum of Marin’s 18-week Master Class, I teamed up with some classmates to start the Marin Food Scrap Recycling Task Force.  Our work in the Zero Waste movement made me aware of Green Sangha’s Rethinking Plastics campaign, and when I moved back to the East Bay I joined the local chapter.

What I like about Green Sangha.  Inspiring Awakened Action!  Being part of a community of citizen activists dedicated to restoring our sense of oneness.

What’s got me excited.  I’m very keen on Mindful Activism Training and the Low Carbon Diet groups.  I also hope to expand Green Sangha’s membership base.

Going solar with Green Sangha

Solar energy is going mainstream, and not a minute too soon!  Alternative energies are not only a big part of our energy future, as President Obama reminded listeners in the first election debate, they are the only way to ensure that we have a future.

Oakland-based Sungevity will donate $750 to Green Sangha every time they install solar panels on a member’s house.  Members will also receive a $750 rebate!  In three minutes, you can get started.  Just click here to get a quote for your home.

Sungevity founder Danny Kennedy has worked on climate and energy issues for more than two decades and was named 2011 “Innovator of the Year” by PBS.   Kennedy founded Sungevity in 2007 to create a more  accessible way for American households to go solar.   He has just published the Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy – and Our Planet – from Dirty Energy, with a foreword by General Wesley Clark.

Kennedy urges businesspeople, policymakers and homeowners to come together to combat “King CONG” – the dirty-energy lobby of Coal, Oil, Nuclear and Gas.  “There is in fact a clear economic imperative for clean energy now, and despite myths and misperceptions,  solar power is already at work creating jobs, saving American households on their utility costs and securing both our workforce and our borders from the ills of dirty energy,” Kennedy says.  “The sun’s reliability, coupled with recent manufacturing efficiencies in our industry, make solar energy a more affordable, cleaner and safer way to power our lives.  It’s not the energy source of the future, it’s the energy source of now.”

Join us in a wave of solar energy installations, using the beautiful power of the sun to power our lives.  Here comes the sun!

Savor Marin

A yummy event with Environmental Forum of Marin (EFM)
Saturday, October 13, 5:00–7:00 p.m
Corte Madera Community Center, 498 Tamalpais Drive
Tickets:  $25 per person on line; $30 at the door.

SAVOR MARIN is a festive afternoon of savoring the seasonal bounty from the fields of Marin County.  We will enjoy local produce, cheeses, wine and beer.  EFM is one of the premier environmental education organizations in Marin County, and Green Sangha members have been students, speakers, and leaders in the Forum.
Wild Onion Catering is creating the afternoon’s fare.  Farms providing the seasonal bounty include Marin Sun Farms, Gospel Flat Farm, Fresh Run Farm, La Tercera, Redhill Farms, Star Route Farms.
Sue Conley of Cowgirl Creamery and Phyllis Faber, co-founder of Environmental Forum and MALT, will headline a short program highlighting the work of the Forum and its role in preserving the vibrant agricultural production of Marin County.
A raffle of delicious prizes in on the menu as well.
For more information, or to register online, go to: