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Plastics in the Ocean


By Chris Pincetich, Ph.D., Turtle Island Restoration Network
Tuesday, Sept. 25th 6:30 pm
Marin TV Comcast Channel 26/AT&T 99
Livestream:  http://cmcm.tv/livecommunity

Watch a captivating talk, recorded at the Plastics 360: Impacts & Possibilities conference this March, on the effects of plastics in our oceans.

The weight of plastic produced annually in the United States is more than twice the weight of our entire population.  Plastic waste is accumulating not only in our landfills, but also in our streets, parks, and waterways.  A 2001trawl of surface waters of the northern Pacific Ocean by the Algalita Marine Research Foundation (AMRF) recovered six pounds of plastic pieces for every pound of zooplankton.  In 2008, the ratio had climbed to 48:1.  In this section of the ocean, the North Pacific Gyre, AMRF reports one million plastic particles were found floating near the surface for every square kilometer, up three times since the early 1990s.

Learn about the latest data and steps being taken to protect and restore endangered sea turtles and marine biodiversity worldwide.  Become informed and join us in taking action, from reducing our plastic footprint at home to persuading our offices to give up disposable plastics, to advocating for a statewide producer take-back law.

Plastics 360: Impact & Possibilities is co-sponsored by GreenSangha.org and the Environmental Forum of Marin.

Video Producer/Director: Cynthia Abbott