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Toilet Gratitude Meditation

For World Toilet Day, Monday, November 19, and all times

From Marianna Tubman

Composting toilet by EcoSan

All human beings are the same in this . . .

Every day we need to find a way to relieve the body of its waste.
So, when we have facilities to make this private, easy, clean, and safe, let us wish the same for everyone!
And reflect with gratitude upon our simple blessings.
And give thanks for all those who have helped or help make it possible:

  • For the one who built this toilet, the one who installed it, the one who cleans it;
  • For the plumbing, the water, the paper, the cleaning supplies, the fan to take the smell away, the sewage treatment plants for processing of the waste;
  • For the rivers and fields and soil microbes which accept back whatever we get rid of.

May we be mindful and not take for granted the hard work and kindness of everyone who contributes to our lives.

Celebrate the Summer

“Saying our prayers with our hands in the earth” – 5th Annual Gratitude Gathering

Come Saturday, July 28, 1:00 to 4:30 pm, to the home of  Mary & Trathen Heckman, Green Sangha Advisory Council member.  The program begins with a couple of hours of service in the Heckmans’ permaculture paradise, a model home and garden.   We will then gather for meditation, a garden talk by Trathen, volunteer recognition, and potluck refreshments.

Trathen at home in his garden

This will be a special opportunity to wish Stuart Moody all success as he moves to Tucson in August.  Stuart will continue his Green Sangha work there, teaching sustainability from within and developing training programs to share with us and other parts of the nation.

Enjoy an afternoon of fresh air, fellowship, and fun.  Bring a broad-brimmed hat and other sun protection, your own reusable water bottle and/or mug, your favorite garden tools, and a little something to share for the potluck.

To reserve your place and for directions, call (510) 532-6574 or write info@greensangha.org.

Also upcoming
Mindful Activism and Communication.  Sunday, July 29, 2-5 pm.  Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley.  Practical tools include:   * Five parts to a short speech to inform and inspire * The Magic Formula  * Leading by listening * Using curiosity to build friendship and understanding *  Summarizing for results.  Presented by Stuart Moody, M.A.  Suggested donation:  $10-20.  Green Sangha members free.

Stuart on Market Street, Moving Planet Day 2011