Mindful Leadership Training

Climate Train reunion 2Mindfulness in action:  a solution for environmental leaders 

Green Sangha offers an antidote to stress and burn-out through Mindful Leadership Training (MLT) — workshops on research-based competencies in communication and mind-body integration.  Through mini-lectures, hands-on practice, feedback and reflection, participants learn how to:

  • Forge collegial, collaborative partnerships
  • Hold meetings that get results
  • Recharge inner energies and cultivate inner peace
  • Let go of tension throughout the day
  • Get a refreshing night of sleep

You will increase your abilities to:

  • Build bridges of trust and understanding with diverse stakeholders
  • Collaborate in actions that make a difference
  • Maintain inner balance while staying fully committed to stewardship and advocacy
  • Nourish your creative, visionary thinking
  • Inspire personal and systemic change to restore our world

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Banners on the street 2The Need
Earth stewards and environmental advocates are driven by their vision and passionate commitment to protect life on the planet.  Vision and passion, while motivating valuable work, also have their pitfalls.  Vision can bring with it a sense of enormity and a seemingly endless list of projects.  Passion for one’s cause can trigger reactivity in the face of disappointment and the apparent indifference or hostility of outside forces.  Both conditions lead to fatigue, stress, and conflict.  This not only takes the joy out of work, it also diminishes our effectiveness and can even shorten one’s life.

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Our Approach
Friendly visitingMindful Leadership Training is:

Our workshops are lively, engaging, and high impact because participants are actively involved — practicing new skills, discussing applications in their work, reflecting on principles of peace in action.

We draw on extensive research in education, somatics, and human development to provide competency-based training experiences grounded in theory and practice.

Every training, whether a one-hour workshop, an eight-week series, or a weekend retreat, is customized to meet the needs, goals, and interests of your organization.

Leaving waste behindCOMMUNITY-BUILDING
Practices of mindful communication, management, and stress reduction are fun, relaxing, and based on cooperation. Shared learning experiences of mindful practice create a unified feeling among colleagues and other stakeholders.

Participants leave our workshops motivated and prepared to put into action new skills that make a difference in their personal lives as well as at work.


The foundation of mindful leadership is Sustainability from Within, a grounding in practices of relaxation and mindful awareness. Equally important are attitudes and skills of communication grounded in the sense of our fundamental oneness as human beings.  See our full list of TOPICS HERE.