Mindful Leadership Training – comments from participants

Over 1,000 citizens, youth, and civic officials have participated in Mindful Leadership classes and workshops offered by Green Sangha.  Here are some comments from participants in the “Sustainability from Within” workshop:

Road to Paradise

Thank you so much for the way you see a need in our community and so generously offer yourself up in service to address the need. . . . As I drove away on Friday and headed home, I found myself needing to adjust the rear view mirror a couple of times . . . it seems I had grown a bit taller from our exercises.

County Supervisor’s Aide

This session was deeply relaxing, but not just in a “physical” way.  We all need to dissipate our tensions, and this is the best way I know of.  One feels many pounds lighter on the way out, compared to the way in, having shed all these heavy tensions.  And one is more likely to be smiling – internally and externally.  The pressures and stresses of life shorten that life, but sessions like this extend it.  And give it a better quality.

City Councilmember

Misty waveThank you for a wonderful reminder to slow down and check in with the body, and actively pursue mindful movement techniques.  It was rejuvenating and inspiring.  As always, you blend your knowledge, mindfulness, and the research in the field into a seamless presentation.  And you always amaze me with your ability to lead by inspiring example.

City Volunteer Coordinator

It is very important to be centered and clear when taking the responsibility of leadership.  This workshop helped me to let go of all the things that interfere and to soften the boundaries between myself and the rest of the world.  Thank you so much for thinking of us and trying to keep us healthy and clear.  Marin County will be a better place for everyone if we can follow your guidance and let the benefits flow through in our leadership.

Conservation non-profit CEO

What a gift to the mind, body, soul to take some time to get present and allow the real me, the softer me, to come forward . . . . I so enjoyed the stress-reliever tips and creating the space to be present with you and our small group. I felt relaxed and centered when I left.

City Councilmember

Maureen - closeThis is a gift to yourself.  Leaders feel such heavy burdens with so much to accomplish and with such little time and money to do vital work. Mindfulness for leaders helps us go to our strong and calm center and let go of the burden. It nourishes the soul and frees the spirit.

County Supervisor’s Aide


Thank you for your gentle strength, powerful wisdom, and helpful sharing.  I have been remembering and using much of what you taught us.  The timing was perfect and I am most grateful.

Founder and president, environmental non-profit

The “Sustainability from Within” program was invaluable.  It provided tools to think about and help to achieve inner peace and tranquility, which in turn is critical to clearing and focusing the mind in a way that is vital in achieving sustainability in the broader sense for the Earth.  The new mantra came to mind, “Unlimited Possibility.”  That accurately applies to Stuart’s teaching as well.

– City councilmember

Agave skyEach tool/meditation in the workshop helped to calm my thoughts.  I especially enjoyed the silent walk and the space it helped to open inside of me.  Tools which empty my mind and allow respite from troubles and nagging to-do lists are so precious.  I will use these meditations and practices as I journey and build sustainability within.

– Town councilmember

I was reminded of so much that I already know but had forgotten or don’t regularly practice – all very helpful. Thank you for a wonderfully restorative experience.  Fabulous!

– Conservation non-profit leader

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