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Mindful Leadership Training offers an antidote to stress and burn-out through research-based competencies in communication and mind-body practices for sustainability from within. Participants explore and practice key skills of speaking, listening, and stress reduction to cultivate calm, well-being, and a deeper sense of community.

Mindful Leadership Training workshops will be offered in the East Bay, Marin County, Tucson, and other locations in California and Arizona.  To learn more and receive notifications of upcoming trainings, please fill out the form below, copy & paste into an e-mail, and send to


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Workshops at Bay Area chapter retreats in 2016:
__  East Bay
__  Marin

__  A training for my organization

__  Becoming a trainer in MLT

Topics that most interest me are (check all that apply):

__  Catalyzing and coordinating an action
__  Effective meetings — as leader, as participant
__  The short talk to get action
__  Skills of responding
__  The art of inquiry
__  Public presentations
__  Sustainability from within

__  Other:

You may send this form to Green Sangha, PO Box 20261, Oakland, CA  94620 OR, e-mail

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