Mindful Leadership – training topics

Sustainability from Within
Dominican team w MaeveThe foundation of mindful leadership is a grounding in attitudes and skills of compassion and mindful awareness. Every workshop includes training in one or more mind-body practices such as:

  • Somatic movement
  • Revival points from acupressure
  • Conscious breathing
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Mindfulness in your day
  • Techniques for better sleep

Mindful Communication 
Some trainings focus exclusively on Sustainability from Within; others emphasize skills of mindful communication and cooperative effort. In one or more workshops, you or your organization can study and practice:

  • Dona & Madeline listen 9-28-09Listening teamCatalyzing and coordinating an action
  • Effective meetings — as leader and as participant
  • Giving a short talk to get action
  • Skills of responding
  • The art of inquiry
  • Presentations for the lay public

Comments from participants

An idea whose time has come
Mindful Leadership Training is part of a new wave of understanding of personal and social processes — not just talking about the importance of listening and finding common ground, but actually practicing the values of respect, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. These methods bring more peace and clarity to public discourse, increasing the prospects of creative solutions in education, management, and civic leadership.

We draw inspiration from organizations such as:

  • Metta Center - new storyThe Metta Center for Nonviolence, which articulates the philosophical roots of nonviolence, and cites actual instances of its transformative power.
  • The Public Health Institute, sponsoring the Evergreen Leaders Project, whose aim is “to make democracy a healthier, more constructive and civil process for all.”
  • The National Institute for Civil Discourse, based in Tucson, which has provided workshops to over 500 state legislators on “Building Trust through Civil Discourse.”

Mindfulness — in thought, speech, and action –is the need of our time.  We are excited to share principles and practices that can help you and your organization reduce the risk of burn-out while building trust and understanding, and tapping the unbounded potential of problem-solving on the basis of oneness.

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