Finding Your Balance, Sat Aug 19, 3-5 pm.  Stress Management Center, 1165 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur. Suggested donation:  $20-35.
Good balance is one of the four pillars of fitness. You can maintain a healthy sense of balance all your life through activities which awaken your awareness of gravity, movement, and space.  In this workshop, taught by Stuart Moody, you will learn basic principles and exercises that are easy and fun to practice. These include:

1. Self-massage for alertness and circulation
2. Different ways to stimulate your balance reflexes
3. Classic yoga poses for steadiness
4. Natural vision improvement (your eyes help!)
5. Somatic meditation

The ultimate expression of balance is peace within, action without. This state supports the most effective expression of your full creative potential — as a parent, as a community member, as a steward of life on earth. Come experience how the somatic approach to movement and relaxation can enhance your sense of balance, peace, and goodwill.

Great Gratitude to all the donors who made possible a day of mindfulness at Green Gulch on Tue June 20, with Tammy Trujillo presiding. Site managers Sukey and Schyler hosted the Ambassadors of Hope & Opportunity (AHO) for a relaxing, rejuvenating taste of meditation, organic farming, and fresh ocean air.

Field of color - AHO

Thank you so much for arranging an incredible retreat for the youth of AHO. Everyone had a great time with the wonderful staff at Green Gulch who made us all feel so welcomed and at home. We enjoyed our tea ceremony with Tammy and left enlightened, moved and inspired. — Zara Babitzke, AHO program founder

What a time we had with Rick Hanson on Sat, May 27!  Many thanks to:

Hanson, RickWe are all richer for this event!  As Rick emphasized in many ways that evening:

“Repeated patterns of mental activity require repeated patterns of brain activity. Repeated patterns of brain activity change neural structure and function.”  This means:

“You can use your mind . . .
to change your brain . . .
to change your mind . . .

to benefit yourself and other beings”

Activists, let’s keeping use our minds to cultivate the qualities of friendliness, contentment, and compassion, that we may build the bridges and forge the partnerships needed in this time of ecological healing!

Green Sangha is mindfulness-based environmental action, bringing individuals together to meditate, educate, support one another, and advocate for the Earth. We offer monthly retreats, Mindful Leadership Training, inner and outer restoration at Green Gulch, mindfulness experiences for teens, and more.

Meditation is the core practice that grounds us in the awareness of interdependence. From this awareness naturally springs love, understanding, and forgiveness.  Learn more here:  Why meditate?

Chris at micEducation. We educate ourselves and each other in order to live more wisely on the earth.  We promote life-affirming alternatives to destructive practices promoted by the outmoded Industrial Growth Model.  We speak to the good in others to inspire their participation in making the world a better place.

We educate through action sheets on target issues and through direct outreach, speaking at schools, social clubs, churches, and community venues.

Action. Green Sangha actions have addressed a wide range of issues, from rallying on the streets for climate protection, to testifying at public hearings on waste reduction, to participating in community clean-ups.

Our many partners have included the Berkeley Ecology Center, Californians Against Waste, Clean Water Action, Save the Bay, Sustainable San Rafael, and Transition Berkeley. Together we will hasten the Great Turning toward a sustainable and just world.

For a one-minute video on mindful practice for awakened action, click here: Get quiet, get active.

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