CLIMATE TRAIN/METROPeople’s Climate March, Sat & Sun Sep 20-21! Linda Currie boarded Amtrak in Emeryville on Mon Sep 15, on her way to join hundreds of thousands in NYC, rallying two days before a gathering of world leaders.  (Photo: Kristopher Skinner, Bay Area News Group.)

You can join the world’s largest demonstration for climate protection, too. NYC info here. If you can’t make the trip to New York, come to the companion demonstration the next day in Oakland at Lake Merritt, 2-5 pm. In Tucson, there are workshops all day on Sep 20, with a rally and electric vehicle celebration on Sep 21: Tucson climate events.

California Coastal Cleanup, Sat Sep 20. This is the largest environmental volunteer event of the year, taking place at hundreds of parks, streamsides, and shorelines across the state. We will meet at McNear’s Beach, San Rafael, and in Emeryville, 9 am to noon.  Details here.

DSCF2399Victory on plastic bags! The California legislature passed SB 270, which bans single-use plastic bags in grocery stores, pharmacies and other businesses. With Governor Brown’s signature, it will be the first statewide ban in the nation. Like so many groups, Green Sangha has worked for years to see this day. Thanks to everyone for your efforts – now let’s hope this spreads to the other 49 states!

Looking for a service opportunity? We are looking for inspired, collaborative leaders to join our Board of Directors. Learn more here: Leadership. Other ways to get involved: check our Events tab above, see our listing of Volunteer Opportunities, or write to us:


Green Sangha is mindfulness-based environmental action. We offer monthly retreats, Mindful Activism Training, seasonal restoration days at Green Gulch, the Teen Environmental Leadership Academy, and more.

Getting quietGreen Sangha brings individuals together to meditate, educate and support one another, and perform direct environmental action. 

Meditation is the core practice that grounds us in the awareness of interdependence. From this awareness naturally springs love, understanding, and forgiveness.  Learn more here:  Why meditate?

Education. We educate ourselves and each other in order to live more wisely on the earth.  We focus not so much on opposing destructive practices as on finding and promoting life-affirming alternatives.  We speak to the good in others to inspire their participation in making the world a better place.

We educate through action sheets on target issues, through a visible presence at environmental festivals, and through direct outreach (speaking at schools, social clubs, churches, and community venues).

Actions. Green Sangha actions have addressed a wide range of issues, from rallying on the streets for climate protection, to testifying at public hearings on waste reduction, to participating in community clean-ups.

Crew by road

We collaborate with other environmental groups such as the Berkeley Ecology Center, Californians Against Waste, Earth Resource Foundation, Save the Bay, Sustainable San Rafael, and Transition Berkeley.

For a one-minute video on mindful practice for awakened action, click here: Get quiet, get active.

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