Teen Environmental Leadership Academy

Danny & Nimai at IVOFGFOR TEENS

A two week day-camp, with gardening, nature hikes, yoga and meditation, environmental studies, and conversations with community leaders.

The Teen Environmental Leadership Academy (TELA) is a unique summer program especially for middle- and high-school students who live in the Canal area of San Rafael, CA. (Other students may apply.) The Academy meets 9:00 to 3:30, Monday through Friday, for ten days of outdoor education, mindfulness training, sustainability studies, and speaker training. Schedule here.

Tuition: $500 (partial to full scholarships are given on an as-needed basis). Click here to apply.

Exploring . . .

Our home base is in San Rafael. Every other day, we venture out to local parks and gardens such as Green Gulch, the redwoods, and Point Reyes National Seashore. We also visit the Canal Community Garden for lessons in growing our own food.

Learning . . .

Instructors will teach you common plants in Marin County, the hidden costs of throw-away living, how to speak confidently in front of a group, and how to approach it all with an open mind and peaceful spirit.

Becoming a leader . . .

Leadership begins with knowing who you are, but depends equally on a deeply-felt sense of community.  Meditation helps us get grounded in inner peace.  And meeting with elected officials and sustainability experts in the city and county grounds us in the community of action.

Group with Damon & CoryJoin us!

Mark your calendar for July 20-31, 2015, for two weeks of community, learning, and fun. Apply now.  For more information, call Linda Currie at (510) 532-6574 or write info@greensangha.org.

To see more . . .
Click here for a 3-minute slide show of 2012′s TELA program.


TELA 2014 was funded by a grant from:
Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation

Thanks also to the following markets who donated lunches every day!
Epicurean Group, fine arts, catering, and distinctive community dining, including food services at Marin County’s Civic Center
Good Earth Natural Foods, 720 Center Blvd., Fairfax
West End Café, 1131 4th St, San Rafael
Whole Foods Market, 414 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley

Learning about plastics & jellyfish