Volunteer Opportunities

Presenting about plastic

Getting the word out about plastic

Green Sangha actions provide rich opportunities for service to the planet, community-building, and personal enrichment.  Here are just a few of the opportunities in the next year of awakened action.

Help spread the word about sustainable living and the work of Green Sangha.  Develop PSA’s on our talks and actions, build relationships with the media, and contribute ideas on public awareness campaigns.

Outreach Coordinator
Speed the greening of local businesses and agencies.  Green Sangha offers talks, consultations, and trainings to home owners, store managers, and civil servants on how to reduce waste and get off the plastics habit.  Contact prospective organizations that we can assist, assessing their needs and offering our services to improve their eco-profile.

Board of Directors
Are you inspired by the mission of integrating mindful practice and awakened action?  Do you enjoy cooperative planning, leading by listening, and the art of governance?  Click here for more information.

Campaign Leader
Inspire change and lead the way to a sustainable future!  We are building a grassroots movement and growing a new generation of mindful, awakened activists.  Campaign Leaders take on specific actions, such as plastics, habitat restoration, urban gardening, or litter reduction, and develop coordinated efforts for targeted outcomes.

All positions include training, support, and close work with our Program Director or a board member.  Please contact us with your ideas or questions:  Elizabeth Little, Program Director (510) 532-6574; Or inquire via our contact form.